Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: 28.03.59 Email:
Nationality: British LinkedIn: Graeme Herbert
Location: Madrid, Spain Twitter: @red_baobab

I have almost 20 years experience of working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for telecommunications, gas, electricity and cadastral projects. My experience includes project management, system implementation, application analysis and development, training and technical support. I have worked on large scale projects for network design and for the capture of as-built networks imported from other data formats. The majority of my experience has been with Smallworld GIS, but I have also worked with other GIS systems.

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FOSS4G 2014

This year was the third time I have attended FOSS4G, the international conference for open source GIS and mapping software. The first one I attended, in Denver in 2011, was  my chance to find out what was going on in open source geospatial development. Despite many years of working in the GIS field, almost everything I saw and heard about in Denver was new to me, an indication of how it's possible to work in a specialised area and yet miss so much of what is happening around you.

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