This page contains a brief description of some of the GIS projects I have worked on, together with the location of the project.

Gas Natural (Spain) – I helped with the initial implementation of a successful Smallworld GIS project for Spain's largest gas company.

BPN (Indonesia) – A project involving a cadastral GIS implementation for Indonesia's national land registry agency.

ONO (Spain) – The company operating almost all of Spain's cable television network. I worked on development and administration tasks associated with the design and construction of ONO's fibre, copper and coaxial networks.

Global Crossing (Holland) – I was responsible for the setup of a Smallworld database for Global Crossing's pan-European network. I also worked on a parallel project with Lucent concerning the modelling of internal plant for this network.

Telefónica Manquehue (Chile) – A contract involving the development of tools for copper network pair assignment.

GIS screenshot

Ish (Germany) – A large-scale cable television design project in the German state of Nord-Rhein Westphalia, I worked as part of a team developing software to support the design process and the asset management GIS.

Cablevision (USA) – I worked on implementation of a project to support GIS data entry from remote locations, including the development of productivity tools to facilitate the task of CAD to GIS data conversion.

General Electric (UK) – I worked on development tasks associated with the release of version 4.0 of the Physical Network Inventory (PNI) telecommunications module.

Telmex (Mexico) – I helped with the design and development of a schematic network representation module.

Red Eléctrica (Spain) – Working on implementation of the GIS for modelling a fibre telecommunications network running alongside the main electricity supply routes. Included development of additional tools for Smallworld's PNI module that supported representation and visualisation of end to end fibre route connectivity.

Deutsche Telekom (Germany) – I have worked on several occasions in recent years for the Megaplan project, a major Smallworld implementation involving substantial customisation work for modelling of Germany's national fibre and copper networks.


FOSS4G 2014

This year was the third time I have attended FOSS4G, the international conference for open source GIS and mapping software. The first one I attended, in Denver in 2011, was  my chance to find out what was going on in open source geospatial development. Despite many years of working in the GIS field, almost everything I saw and heard about in Denver was new to me, an indication of how it's possible to work in a specialised area and yet miss so much of what is happening around you.

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