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Here you can see a full list of geospatial consultancy services offered by Red Baobab. Get in touch if you want to know more.
Data Import/Export
With such a large variety of formats for geospatial data, combining these different data sources in a single dataset has never had an easy solution. Also because the source data often lacks much of the structure that is required for many GIS installations. But now there are software solutions, several of them open source, which directly address these issues and can take a lot of the pain out of dealing with the restrictive import/export options of some proprietary GIS. Having seen these issues from both sides I can offer help. Whether it is taking CAD or Lidar data and transforming it to match a complex network data structure, or whether it is simplifying that data to display on an open web map I can help.
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GIS For Utilities
I have worked on projects for gas, electricity and water networks over the last 30 years, and have a clear understanding of the requirements for network topology and structure. I also have experience of working with multiple users in a version controlled environment, developing and applying quality assurance routines and managing imports of data collected in the field.
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GIS For Telecomms
Telecomms GIS has been the focus of much of my GIS career. Applications development to meet user requirements, modeling not just physical network representations but also logical network views and schematic outputs. I am familiar with the complexity of handling internal plant combined with an external network view, and the hierarchy of equipment and infrastructure connectivity this involves. I also have experience of large scale data entry and design projects.
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Making sense of your data, maximising usability for long term usage.

GE Smallworld
Working with this GIS software suite from the first half of the 1990's I have a deep understanding of how to make it work for a variety of clients. I can help with customisation, administration, version upgrades, training courses, data modelling, import and export, workflow processes for design or as-built import. I have worked on Smallworld projects for telecomms, gas, electricity and water networks.
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I have extensive experience of delivering training courses for GE Smallworld software, covering topics such as using the software, applications development with the Magik programming language, data modelling, and administration/configuration of the GIS installation. Getting new starters up to scratch in a short time frame. In addition I can offer bespoke training courses and workshops for other software and topics, including open source options such as QGIS. Training courses can be presential or done remotely, according to your requirements. Get in touch for more information.
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Applications Development
No off the peg GIS is ever going to satisfy all the requirements of a customer. Applications development or customisation is a fundamental part of making a new system work for different groups of users within an organisation. Always done with an eye on maintaining the sustainability of the GIS installation and reducing the pain when it comes to migrating to a later version.
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The network assets may be underground, but they can still be mapped. Know where everything is before digging.

Geospatial Modelling
Even a GIS that comes with a built-in data model will still require modifications to make it work for the needs of users. Each organisation has its own data which needs to be included and I can help to either integrate this within an existing data model, or to model requirements from scratch if needed.
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GIS Migration
No GIS installation lasts forever, but the task of moving data and applications to a new system can be complex and daunting. I have the experience of managing data imports and exports together with an understanding of minimising system down-time to make it possible. Time moves on, but not all GIS software keeps up, sometimes the only way forward is to consider a newer option adapted to the mobile device first environment.
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Software Upgrades
Upgrading to a new version of a GIS should not be frightening, if planned for correctly. I have worked on major upgrades and have valuable experience in managing the testing and revision process involved. It is also an opportunity to reconsider what parts of the GIS your users are really making use of and taking advantage at the same time to remove redundant functionality or data structures.
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